Moscow road paralyzed due to dam


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In the North-West of the capital formed many kilometers of traffic jams due to an accident on the Moscow Canal, which flooded the Tushino tunnel, on the Volokolamsk highway. This is evidenced by data “Yandex.Tube”.

On the Leningrad highway in the direction of the field congested with a length of almost three kilometers, on the street Halabyan before the intersection with Volokolamsk highway — nearly a kilometer. On the inner side of the ring road, the traffic jam stretched almost from Rublevsky highway to Volokolamsk. There is also congestion on Liberty street.

Center of traffic organization of Moscow said in his Twitter that blocked traffic on Volokolamskoye shosse in the direction of the field from the metro station Sokol, on the highway and Knitting travel with the inner side of MKAD. Departure from Tushino tunnel towards the center is limited to three lanes. Traffic on the inner side of the ring road in front of Volokolamsk highway very difficult.

“It is better to avoid travel in the area of Volokolamsk highway”, — noted in the TMS.

The place of work, all city services, there is also the head of the Moscow traffic police control.

The morning of January 10 fell through the ground on the Channel named after Moscow, Tushinskaya the tunnel flooded. At the time of emergency was not there cars, no one was hurt. Eyewitnesses removed on video as muddy water gushing on the road. A source in emergency services told TASS that to stop the mud flow is not yet possible.

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The representatives of “Moscow Canal” has commented on the situation, reports the Telegram-channel “Moscow Says”. Under the tunnel happened erosion, the result of subsided ground in the area of 5 to 15 meters. 1-2 hours a decision will be made about the timing of the traffic, explained the company’s representatives.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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