Rogozin called memes about “Roscosmos” Holy fools screaming


Photo: Sergey Mamontov / RIA Novosti

The head of the Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, called the Holy fools screaming meme “forgive us, Yuri”, which is often Troll the Corporation. Interview with the head of the Agency published RBC.

Rogozin called the reaction of users to the failure of “Roscosmos” one of the sources of information attack on the structure. In his opinion, exaggerated the society perceives the organization’s shortcomings. Among the emotional manifestations he called the phrase “by type “chief, all is lost!”, and sometimes fools cries “forgive us, Yuri””.

Such mistakes happen and their foreign colleagues, but “there is no one hysterical,” said the head of state Corporation.

Source of information attacks, aimed at undermining the authority of the space industry, Rogozin said there are competitors and non-professional members of the media.

The meme “we’re sorry, Jura,” is widely distributed among users of the network. With the help of the Russians apologize to the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin not justified for the descendants of hopes for space exploration. Users often use it for jokes over the activities of Roscosmos.

In October 2018 the Runet flooded jokes dedicated to the launch failure of a Soyuz spacecraft from Baikonur. Users have published dozens of memes and jokes on this topic. Among them met and meme “forgive us, Yuri”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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