Russian foster families will add responsibilities


Photo: Vladimir Song / RIA Novosti

All adult members of foster families of Russians will be obliged to undergo psychological examination. This requirement, along with the prohibition to adopt more than one child in a year and move at will, contained in the bill prepared in Improvemeny, writes “Kommersant”.

A public discussion document will end on January 12. In the case of adoption by the state Duma the law may come into force in January 2021. In drafting the bill were representatives of the guardianship, specialized NGOs and foster families.

The prohibition to adopt more than one child per year, with the exception of those cases when we are talking about brothers or sisters needs as suggested by the authors, reduce the risk of its return to the orphanage.

The journeys adoptive families will be possible only after the guardianship is satisfied that the new housing suitable for minors.

Also provides for the lifting of the ban on adoption of children of HIV-infected citizens, recognized as unconstitutional.

The procedure of psychological examination is currently available only for adoptive parents. Its extension to all adult members of these families aimed at solving the problems of low parental competence.

“We have developed a set of techniques about eight years ago, and 40 regions of Russia they were tested,— said the publication of Professor msupe and member of the government Commission for the protection of minors Galina Family. The complex takes into account the age limit (some methods cannot be checked and 30-year and 50-year-old), religious features and the presence of own children, introduces educational qualification”.

Earlier in August, the head of the Ministry of education Olga Vasilyeva spoke about the idea to tighten the requirements for those wishing to become foster parents. Among other things, she drew attention to the need to limit the number of children in each such family. However, in prepared by the office document such limitations do not exist.

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