The kidnappers stokilogrammovye gold coin appeared in court


Photo: Marcel Mettelsiefen/ dpa / AP

In Berlin went on trial, the kidnappers stokilogrammovye gold coin. This publication reports The Guardian.

A coin made from pure gold 24 carat kidnapped on 27 March 2017. The thieves climbed in the window of the third floor of the Bode Museum in Berlin, smashed bulletproof glass, transferred the relic worth 3.6 million euros (276,8 million) in a wheelbarrow to a nearby Park and then fled the scene by car. The alarm didn’t go off.

Police managed to locate the car, which fled the robbers. They tried to destroy evidence: I snuck into the police Parking lot, where stood the confiscated cars, and filled the interior with foam from a fire extinguisher. But the police still managed to find evidence in the upholstery traces of gold.

Thursday, January 10, four criminals appeared before the court. Three of them — Martin , R., Ahmed, R. and R. of Vajsi is included in the city crime family clan R.. At the time of the Commission of the offence was 18 to 20 years. They also helped guard Denis V. He gave the kidnappers information about the security systems of the Museum, without which it would not have been able to carry out the intent. It is expected that the hearings will last 12 days.

Coin, most likely melted soon after the abduction. According to investigators, the criminals of the clan in recent years made many daring offences: numerous burglary, Bank robbery and explosion to his buildings, a brutal murder on the streets, including the middle of the day. In the summer of 2018, the police confiscated the property of the clan by R. 9.3 million euros (715,1 million).

Stolen coin, also known as “Big maple leaf” was manufactured in 2007 in Canada, five copies. Despite the size — the thickness of three centimeters and a diameter of 53 centimeters — it is a valid means of payment. The coin belonged to a private collector, the Museum rented it.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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