The rise in food prices has decided to hide in an unusual way


Photo: Maxim Bogodvid / RIA Novosti

Manufacturers of food products to reduce packaging to hide the price rise. About it reports “Russian service bi-Bi-si”.

The publication refers to a post on the portal Pikabu, which first published the photo of the eggs, which are sold in sets of nine, rather than ten. Such packaging also found in another supermarket. The value of the nine eggs made 64,90 rubles.

The authors of “Russian service bi-Bi-si” has conducted its own investigation and found several similar cases attempts to conceal the price rise. So, in 0.15 liters of decreased packaging of fruit juice, 0.05 a litre of cow’s milk and beer in a jar. 50 grams less content was available in the package of mayonnaise, 35 grams in sour cream, eight grams of porous chocolate bar. Is 180 grams of cut cheese appeared two categories: on 150 and 125 grams.

It is noted that the decrease in the number of packaging with the growth of prices fits into the trend of “SHRINKFILE” (shrinkflation, by analogy with inflation). Thus manufacturers hide the sharp price hikes for the product.

On 10 January it was reported about the growth of prices on all products by 2018. Inflation was 4.3 percent vs 2.5 percent in the previous year. The rise in food prices in 2018 amounted to 4.7 percent for non-food products — 4.1% — 3.9 percent. It was noted that more than 20 per cent increase in the price of sugar and eggs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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