Trump has left US without a new beer


Photo: Mark Makela / Reuters

American brewers can’t register new varieties of the drink due to the suspension of government work indefinitely, writes portal The Drinks Business.

The government shutdown, or shutdown, left without funding for about a quarter of the state bodies and agencies, and about 800 thousand civil servants without salaries. The allocation of money for these purposes should be spelled out in the Federal budget, which has not been adopted by 22 December.

Locked and the work of the Treasury, which is subordinate to the tax Bureau and turnover of alcohol and tobacco (TTB). Its jurisdiction is the regulation of the beer market and registration of new varieties.

In this situation brewing company not eligible to apply for the registration of new varieties. Some of them appeal directly to the President Donald Trump. “Hey, Donald, we American company that is going to sell a new beer, but the shutdown has affected TTB, so we can’t move forward. Please help. People want beer,” tweeted the company Prairie Artisan Ales.

Similar problems are faced Atlas brewing company, has released a new variety of the drink with apricot flavor, says DC Ist. Ready to party can not be sold without permission from TTB.

The work of the U.S. government were suspended indefinitely on December 22 due to the fact that the Republicans and Democrats in Congress were unable to reach agreement and pass a Federal budget for the year 2019. The differences were due to the requirement of trump to allocate five billion dollars for strengthening of the state border. Later, the President said that the shutdown could last several months or even years.

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