Unbalanced vandal flooded the airport and went to court


Timothy tan Guapote: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

A resident of the state of Arizona broke into the airport of the city of Glendale and made it a pogrom and the flood. About it reports Fox News.

January 4, at two o’clock 23-year-old Timothy Tang Guan smashed with a hammer a few Windows in the building of the airport, dragged the hose inside and completely flooded the first floor. In this regard, the hub had to close for a day to completely dry the premises.

Two days later, the vandals returned to the scene of the crime where he was spotted by one of the airport staff. He tried to escape the car, but later he was caught and arrested in Phoenix.

During the search the police found in the trunk of the offender 10 boxes, each of these lay 60 eggs. It turned out that guano was first arrested in November 2018 for the fact that he fired eggs a few cars in Glendale. He explained his behavior in a stressful condition.

The offender has appointed the trial on January 11. The damage to the airport is estimated at 70 thousand dollars, but the motives of the crime remain unsolved.

In may of last year the furious tourist stormed the plane after the staff of the Australian low cost airline Jetstar announced to him that he missed the flight for a few hours. On hearing this, the man began to smoke right in the airport building, then ran to the nearest open exit, pushed the guards and ran outside to the aircraft.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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