US missile destroyer entered the Baltic sea


Photo: Corey Barker / Reuters

The rocket destroyer of naval forces of the United States USS Gravely (“Gravely”) entered into the Baltic sea. About it reports on Thursday, January 10, “Interfax” with reference to the monitoring data of marine resources.

Destroyer equipped with missile defense system Aegis (“aegis”). It can also carry up to 56 cruise missiles “Tomahawk”.

It is noted that now the USS Gravely is the flagship of the First permanent naval group of NATO. In 2016, this ship in the Eastern Mediterranean sea close friends with Russian patrol frigate “Yaroslav the Wise”, having from him in 50-70 meters.

On 6 January it became known that the landing ship of the United States “Fort McHenry” (USS Fort McHenry) went to the Black sea. The commander of the Sixth fleet, Vice Admiral Lisa Franchetti said that such measures demonstrate the collective determination of Washington and its NATO allies in the region to ensure security in the area.

At the end of December 2018, it was reported that increasing US presence, a strategic non-nuclear systems precision weapons in areas adjacent to Russian waters.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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