Venezuela broke off relations because of the old new President


Nicolas Magarotto: Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters

Paraguay broke diplomatic relations with Venezuela after President Nicolas Maduro took office. It is reported by Reuters on Thursday, January 10.

The Paraguayan leader Mario Abdo was ordered to withdraw from Caracas diplomats. “The defense of righteous intentions no bad consequences, he said in a televised address. — [Protection] of liberty and democracy is a righteous intent.”

The United States also reacted to the news about the entry Maduro in office. The head of the state Department Mike Pompeo accused the leader of the usurpation of power, reports Reuters.

Statements were made minutes later after Maduro officially became the President of the Bolivarian Republic for the second time. The presidential election in may 2018 was called “farce,” according to the Agency, in some countries of the world refused to recognize as legitimate.

In Venezuela dissatisfaction with the Maduro government grows, as compounded by the economic crisis: in July, the international monetary Fund has forecast inflation up to a million percent before the end of the year. In the country there is a shortage of goods, regularly occurring riots.

4 August during a public speech Maduro in Caracas, an attempt was made to kill him with bombs drones. The President was accused of plotting the assassination of the former President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, who received the Nobel peace prize. It was reported that in connection with the incident arrested, including two high-ranking military Colonel and General.

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