Weinstein refused to judge associated with “Lord of the rings” sex scandal


Ashley Cadpat: Jeff Roberts / Reuters

The court refused to consider the claim of the American actress Ashley Judd to Harvey Weinstein, which claimed that the actress got the role in the trilogy “the Lord of the rings” because he refused to satisfy the sexual desires of a producer. About it reports TMZ.

Judd has accused Weinstein of sexual harassment in professional relationships, and abuse of power. The judge refused to consider the claim of the actress, saying that governing such incidents, the law was adopted in the United States only in 2018, and that it is not retroactive.

In December 2017 the Director of “Lord of the rings” Peter Jackson has said that producers from the Weinstein company, Miramax influenced the casting for the first film.

The filmmaker admitted that he was forced not to take in the cast of Judd and Sorvino the World alleging harassment Weinstein. She Judd remembered that she was offered several roles in the trilogy to choose from and even showed suits, and then suddenly stopped communicating.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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