A tourist threw a coin into the engine of the aircraft, delay the flight and has become a laughing stock


Photo: Bayne Stanley / Globallookpress.com

Of the Chinese airline China Eastern Airlines, which was supposed to fly from the city of Anqing (Anhui province) in Shanghai, was detained for two hours after the police found on the ground near the engine a few coins. It is reported Shanghaiist.

Law enforcement officers came to the conclusion that someone of the passengers tried to throw coins in a jet engine. A police officer boarded the aircraft and turned to the passengers. He promised that, if the offender confesses to the crime, he would escape punishment, but there was no answer.

The Washington Post correspondent Anna Fifield (Anna Fifield) highlighted the news in his Twitter account, suggesting that the Chinese intentionally threw coins to bring good luck and fly safely. Netizens protested the absurdity of the act of the traveler.

“Damaging the engine, on the contrary, they reduce their chances of success,” — taunted alone. “Again????” — surprised others. “For this reason, some crazy uneducated people should be forbidden to fly,” mocked a third.

In June 2017, the Chinese passenger of China Southern Airlines also dropped the coins into the engine of the plane and escaped punishment for a misdemeanor. An elderly woman who committed the offence, was a deeply religious Buddhist. She decided that she was thrown into the engine of the coins will provide her a safe flight.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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