Cords Milonov called “lawmakers antijam a pain in the ass”


Sergey Shnurov Photo: Eugene Novozenina / RIA Novosti

Musician Sergey Shnurov has dedicated another poem to the Deputy of the state Duma Vitaly Milonova, causing the artist to a duel on the Norman swords. Cord has published his work in Instagram.

In the poem of Cords called the MP “a lawmaker antijam a pain in the ass.”

Serious servant were respetuoso,
That voter froze and figee,
He watches like an awl in the ass
Crawl the lawmaker Antigua.
Quoting Pushkin, Dahl,
Kisses the cross, then a star, then kiot,
And dance and read a poem Vitale,
As a true Russian patriot.

The musician suggested that Milonov is well aware of their actions being taken by cold-blooded and calculating. In particular, Cord recalled the attempt of the Deputy to read out the rap.

Considering us for fools and Vanek,
He’s running his mouth, but no, not rashly.
Already REP reads our choice,
And offers to fight with swords.
Smart guy, it shows.
Glasses and beard, costume, metallic,
But it looks not that solid,
Like a real ……. (MP) acne.

Milonov has offered the musician the match the channel with swords during a conversation with the portal He stressed that he is not going to arrange with Shnurov verbal duel.

10 Jan Shnurov has published his first poem devoted to Milonova. In it, the musician said that the MP “laws withdrew from us surplus” because it is convinced that the Russians are not terribly malnourished, and life in the country will improve only after songs from local artists will disappear Mat. Previously Milonov criticized for his foul language in the songs.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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