Deception brought together hundreds of thousands of dollars to the homeless arrested


Johnny Bobbette: David Swanson / AP

In the American city of Philadelphia Pennsylvania, arrested a homeless veteran johnny Bobbitt (Bobbitt Johnny), involved in a scandal with the collection of donations on the Internet. The reason for the arrest was a parole violation, according to WABC-TV.

In November 2017 on the crowdfunding website GoFundMe has begun collecting funds for housing for Bobbit. One of the initiators of the campaign, Caitlin McClure (McClure Katelyn) claimed that he decided to help the homeless when he spent all the money on gasoline for her stalled car.

Later it turned out that McClure and her boyfriend mark D’amico (Mark D’amico) made up a story about the generosity Bobbit to attract media attention and collect donations. The plan worked: for the homeless has collected 400 thousand dollars (26,7 million). In December 2018 GoFundMe has promised to reimburse all money spent on this campaign.

In August of 2018 Bobbitt accused the pair of cheating. He stated that he never saw the housing for which was started a fundraiser. He got only 75 thousand dollars, a house on wheels, standing on the site of McClure and D’amico, and an old pickup truck, which soon broke. They replied that he had left the money that he wasted it on drugs.

In November of the same year McClure, D’amico and Bobbit was arrested and charged with conspiracy and fraud. The pair were soon released, but the homeless man remained in custody. On 14 December he was released prior to the completion of the judicial process on the condition that he would report his address, try to get a job and will regularly attend meetings of the organization “narcotics Anonymous”.

As Bobbit and not reported your new address and had not demonstrated intent to find a job, he was summoned to a new hearing, which was held in the state of new Jersey. When a homeless person has not appeared, the court issued a warrant of arrest. Wednesday, January 9, Bobbit was detained in Philadelphia. It is expected that it will be transported to new Jersey.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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