Disclosed is the unexpected danger of dental care


Photo: Julio Cortez / AP

American scientists have found that dental floss contains a pen – and poliferative substances (PFAS), which can be toxic to humans. Article researchers published in the journal Nature.

PFAS are used in many household products due to their resistance to water and grease. At the same time they are potentially dangerous to human health due to their toxic properties. They can accumulate in biological tissues of both animals and humans, inhibiting the immune system, causing cancer of the kidneys and the testes, increasing the risk of infertility and many other diseases in children and adults.

Scientists have studied the relationship between use of various household items and the presence of six kinds of PFAS in the body 178 middle aged women, half of whom were African-American. Blood samples were taken in 2010-2013, and surveys in which subjects were told about his way of life, conducted in 2015-2016.

It turned out that participating African-American concentration in the blood of substances such as perfluorooctane and performancesensitive acid, was lower than the other volunteers. At the same time, eating out of cardboard containers, covered with PFAS were increased in this group the content in the body four different fluorinated substances. Another source of contamination was floss several manufacturers that as coating use chemicals containing fluorine. Scientists emphasize that it is unknown whether the use of dental floss with health problems.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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