Far-right party in Germany adopted the Nazi symbols


Andre, Poggenburg: Fabrizio Bensch / Reuters

The symbol of the new far-right party in Germany will be the secret sign of the Nazis. About it writes The Guardian.

A former member of the newly formed “Alternative for Germany” (ADH) Andre Poggenborg party “Revival of German patriots — Central Germany” will make its symbol cornflower on a background of the German flag. A small flower was used as a secret sign by members of the banned in the 1930-ies the party of the national socialists in Germany.

Earlier, on 11 January it became known that the reason for the release of ADH from Poggenburg were his disagreements with the current leadership of the far right. The new party “Patriots” plans in 2019 to participate in local elections in Thuringia, Saxony and Brandenburg.

According to the newspaper, Poggenburg known for his “Nazi vocabulary”. In March 2018, he resigned as head of the ADG, in Saxony-Anhalt, after a series of scandals. He called the Turks riders on camels, and immigrants with dual citizenship — a stray ink that Germany did not need.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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