It is estimated the incidence of poverty among Ukrainians for five years


Photo: Gleb Garanich / Reuters

Pension and the subsistence minimum decreased by more than half over the past five years in Ukraine. This was written by the leader of the public movement “the Ukrainian choice — the right of the people” Viktor Medvedchuk on the website of the organization.

He calculated that the minimum pension in 2013 was $ 3359 USD (8947 roubles), and in 2018 — 1497 hryvnia (3541 ruble), which is 2.2 times less. The same amount has fallen and the living wage: 4162 hryvnia (9847 rubles) to 1863 hryvnia (4408 rubles).

At the same time, almost 12-fold increase in the price of gas for the population (725 8550 hryvnia to UAH per thousand cubic meters). While next year the price of gas, expects a sharp increase to 12-14 thousand hryvnias because of requirements of creditors.

“The minimum salary of $ 150 (instead of the promised “Maidan leaders” of 1000 euros) is considered as one of the greatest “Peremoga” auroraforecast Ukraine. And the starvation wages and pensions to Ukrainians have to pay European tariffs” — outraged the leader of the movement.

As a solution to the problem Medvedchuk offers to “restore production, improve the economy, create new jobs.” Instead, according to him, Kiev authorities “are trying to split the country: a course for NATO membership, the schism, the language issue”.

In mid-December, it was reported that the price of gas for Ukraine rose to a record. On average, one thousand cubic meters of imported natural gas subject to customs clearance in Ukraine costed 9472 hryvnia, or $ 339.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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