RAS President asked to release accused of treason scientist


Victor Kudryavtseva: Mr Song / RIA Novosti

The head of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeyev was asked to translate accused of treason physics Victor Kudryavtsev from jail under house arrest, writes “Kommersant”.

“This scientist, a great scientist who made a significant contribution to science. We must somehow make concessions,” — said Sergeyev.

He sent an appeal to the Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova. Where it was forwarded to the Prosecutor General. Simultaneously, the office of the Commissioner for human rights appealed to the Federal penitentiary service with a request to conduct the medical examination Kudryavtseva. In response letter to the jailers reported that the 75-year-old scientist no serious diseases that prevent being in prison.

For help to the President of the RAS asked the son of the 75-year-old scientist Yaroslav Kudryavtsev, who works as head of laboratory of the Institute of petrochemical synthesis (inkhs)

“He said the father feels bad, and asked if he could bring a petition to change the measure of restraint and released home. We have this issue with my colleagues, discussed and decided that this is a perfectly reasonable demand,” — said Alexander Sergeyev.

Previously after treatment of wounds under house arrest transferred unnie Director of viticulture and winemaking “Magarach” academician Anatoly Avidzba detained in the Crimea for taking bribes.

Employee of the Central research Institute of mechanical engineering Victor Kudryavtsev was detained in July last year. The FSB accused him of passing secret information about the hypersonic technology to be used in combat missile systems “Dagger” and “avant-garde”. Protection physics says that the exchange of information was in the framework of the joint project of the Ministry of defense and the Background of Karmanovskaya Institute for fluid dynamics in Belgium. The scientist was not formally admitted to the information constituting state secrets.

In October 2018 to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin sent a collective letter, signed by the Russian human rights defenders, RAS scientists and artists, who asked to soften the measure of restraint for the scientist.

In December Kudryavtseva deprived of the right to visits from his wife after refusing to confess and to denounce one of their students.

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