Russian weapons sent to the fourth dimension


Photo: Ministry of defense / RIA Novosti

Russia and China have already reached the “fourth dimension” in the field of armaments. This writes the newspaper the Hill.

The author of the material, the former commander of the Northern command of USA major General retired Howard Thompson, notes that hypersonic missiles, represented by U.S. rivals able to overcome American air defense system. In addition, so-called “effect of the fourth dimension” gives an advantage to Russia and China, because in case of an attack from the United States, the time for decision-making will be minimized.

“The harsh reality is that our current missile defense system, as well as our operational thinking is simply unable to resist this threat,” the article reads.

29 December it became known that the United States urgently announced a secret tender for the design and implementation of complex hypersonic intercept the Russian “avant-gardes”.

Last test launch of a missile complex with a hypersonic glide winged warheads, Avangard was held on 26 December by order of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. During testing, the warhead of the missile picked up speed about 27 Mach (speed of sound). According to Vice Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, “at these speeds no AMM it cannot capture”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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