The American stood near the helicopter and lost his head



In the American city of Brooksville, Florida, a helicopter propeller beheaded the 62-year-old man. It is reported WFLA-TV.

The incident occurred near the regional airport Brooksville — Bay of Tampa. The victim and his partner attempted to run the helicopter with a self-propelled truck. Suddenly, the machine jumped, and then went down. As a result, the main rotor blade struck the man on the head. He was killed instantly.

The Sheriff’s office began investigating the accident. “It is obvious that this death is a little unusual… and we want to be sure that we have all the answers,” said Sheriff al Nienhaus (Al Nienhuis).

In 2018, it was reported that an engineer working at the site of a helicopter crash in the mountains of Colombia, fell another helicopter. The cause of the fall of the first flying machine was a mechanical problem. His weight sent a second ship, but due to malfunction it also fell.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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