The audience was furious because of the virginity of the hero of the American “Bachelor”


Photo: Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

The audience of the project “the Bachelor’s” new season, which started on the American channel ABC, outraged that the creators of the show too often mention the fact that the main character Colton underwood (Colton Underwood) is a virgin. In particular, their dissatisfaction netizens are expressing on Twitter.

“ABC: Colton, VIRGIN, next the main the bachelor American and a VIRGIN who’s NEVER had SEX with a WOMAN, he’s such a VIRGIN” — described the promotional campaign of the show user under the name mcLendo.

“If we drank every time on “the Bachelor” say the word “virgin”, it probably would have lasted at least five minutes,” suggested lilrunner.

YouTube blogger Emily Wilson was troubled by the fact that the creators of the show decided to use my virginity underwood as its main features, and suggested that the channel only reinforces the stereotype that my people should be judged by their sexual life.

In a conversation with Vox Professor of sociology Laura carpenter suggested that the persistent emphasis on lack of sexual experience, 26-year-old man linked to the fact that in recent years, the stigma of virginity, which was directed mainly against women, became the subject of discussion and in relation to men.

However, as the newspaper notes, the channel did not abandon the sexualization of the protagonist: the promo starts with a Nude underwood in the shower and screaming with delight of the girls watching him.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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