The bodybuilder stopped eating and only drinks pee


John Deposit: John DePass / YouTube

A champion bodybuilder from Canada, claims to have won the chronic pain diet of urine, and fruits. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

A few years ago John Depass (John DePass) refused food of animal origin, and then began to experiment with meal replacement on their own urine. Now from Monday to Friday Depass does not eat anything and only drink urine. On Saturdays he eats a piece of fruit and drinking a smoothie, and Sunday lunch meat with pasta, rice or potatoes.

“If you feel that you owe something to eat during the week, I drink juice of Apple, beet, carrot and celery — but only once a day, and the remaining 23 hours and trying to keep the stomach empty,” explains bodybuilder.

For the six months to the urine, and fruits he lost weight from 82 to 68 kilograms, but says that got rid of the pain and feels more healthy. Depass described their ideas about proper nutrition in Instagram: “don’t need to eat proteins. No need to be afraid of fructose. Don’t need vitamins or minerals. You need to drink distilled water.”

In 1994 John Depass represented Canada at the international competition in bodybuilding “Mr. universe”. In 1997 he won the North American championship of bodybuilding in the average weight.

On 11 January it was reported that Spanish Feller Raul Escuin invented the recipe for the sausages made of human blood and offered to feed her a vegan. He intends to go on a tour in Spain to demonstrate their recipe and planning to cook Marsilio of blood of visitors, which will take place.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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