The girl caught the guy on a correspondence with his mistress and shamed all over the Internet


Emily Wilsonthe: @emily_x_wilson

British Emily Wilson (Emily Wilson) published in the Twitter conversation your boyfriend with another girl once caught him cheating. Its sophisticated revenge drew the attention of the tabloid the Mirror.

Wilson finds out that her boyfriend cheated on her before their joint vacation. Later, the deceiver continued to communicate with his mistress in the network.

In one conversation the man told her that they will be together, as soon as he returns from another country has confided to her tender feelings and convinced that just friends with Wilson.

The girl published many screenshots of messages from the cheater in his Twitter. “Imagine that you go on vacation to Australia for a month with my boyfriend, with whom you almost three years to the day of the return that he slept with someone the night before and sent her messages from another account on Snapchat all the time that you were lying next to him,” she complained.

Wilson also posted his correspondence with his mistress ‘ boyfriend. She turned to her to dispel the last doubts of infidelity guy. “I have nothing against you, I just need to know,” she wrote to her.

It turned out that the other woman wanted to talk to Wilson, but was very afraid that she will make a scene. The girl explained that the guy cheated on her. After she learned about his committed relationship, she cut off communication with him.

Earlier, the Briton Kiran, Gerling (Kirran Girling) found out about the betrayal of his beloved, when watched the shows with her participation. She kissed others in the program Celebs Go Dating.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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