The head physician of the perinatal center fired over taped the baby’s mouth


Frame: @news_ingushetii

In Ingushetia, head of the Republican perinatal center Hadi Ugurchieva lost his job after publishing in social networks of the roller with the baby, who taped her mouth and left me alone in the house, told RIA Novosti the regional Ministry of health.

“The acting head of the institution appointed pigweed Yevloyev,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Conducted preliminary examination. A law enforcement source told the news Agency that a pacifier child c using adhesive tape secured one of the patients, seizing the moment when the nurse will be released from the chamber.

She also recorded a video that appeared on social media last week. Currently this woman has allegedly confessed.

Earlier, on 6 January, a similar version of events was voiced by the doctor of the institution. “Given the data that gives us a patient, we tend to think that the patch had fixed it and the footage was produced by her,” said Ugurchieva.

The boy was born on the 24th of September and was under surveillance. The record, according to the leader of the center, made while the child’s mother went to visit an older child, and the nurse went to another room to make the patient inhalation.

It is noted that the injury the child suffered was not.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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