The kidnapping of the Ukrainian authority in Moscow was considered a hoax


Photo: Alexey Danichev / RIA Novosti

The investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the fact of kidnapping men in the North-East of Moscow. About it “” has informed the representative of capital management of Department Yulia Ivanova.

The investigation is conducted under article 126 (“Kidnapping committed by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement”) and 222 of the criminal code (“Illegal arms trafficking”).

“The victim has been identified but is not disclosed in the interests of the investigation. As part of the investigation at his place of residence searched, seized ammunition, traumatic gun, flares, mobile phones, as well as other objects and documents relevant to the investigation,” — said Ivanov.

According to her, currently, the complex of investigative and operational search measures aimed at establishing the whereabouts of the abducted men and the persons involved in the Commission of a crime.

Kidnapped Yuri Vasilenko, 1979 year of birth, citizen of Ukraine, living in Moscow in the apartment, which was rented in his name his brother, a Russian citizen, said “the” a source in law enforcement bodies.

“Official information about what was stolen in Moscow, is wanted in Ukraine and involved in the Commission of crimes we have. Now we just execute the appropriate queries to the Ukrainian colleagues”, — he said.

According to him, there are a number of doubt that the incident is a kidnapping, not a dramatization. This version is fulfilled along with others, said the source edition.

So, according to him, judging by the video from the restaurant, shot in the ceiling was clearly demonstrative, shouting and the noise is too loud, and the kidnap victim is sometimes moved not by coercion but voluntarily.

Earlier, on 11 January it was reported that Vasilenko Ukrainian criminal authority involved in the murder of former state Duma Deputy, Denis Boronenkov and the leader of the Ukrainian public organization “Oplot” Evgeny Zhilin. The evening of 10 January at the restaurant “Basil” came a group of strong men and ordered the journalist to follow them. He tried to escape, resulting in a scuffle ensued, and the raiders started shooting. Vasilenko was injured, it was loaded in the trunk of a car and taken away.

Boronenkov killed in Kiev in March 2017.

Zilina was shot in September 2016 in the restaurant on Rublevo-Uspensky highway.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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