The leader of the world biathlon scared of Russian fans


Johannes Beato: Matthias Hangst / Bongarts / Getty Images

Norwegian biathlete Johannes boe has expressed an opinion on the victory of the Russian Alexander Loginov on the world Cup stage in Oberhof. His words led TV2.

BAA said that he was tired of discussing the situation with doping past Loginova. “The popularity of biathlon in Russia is huge, and many fans constantly watching us. When we Express negative attitude towards the Russian athletes, they are angry. That’s why I can’t criticize Loginova. I hope that others will take responsibility and the situation will be resolved,” — said the athlete.

January 11, Loginov won the gold medal in the sprint. BAA took the second place.

Johaness BAA is the leader in the overall standings of the biathlon world Cup this season. He won the largest number of races and has been held for 482 points. Loginov takes the second place (372 points).

From November 2014 to November 2016 logins had been disqualified for using banned drug erythropoietin. After the end of the disqualification BAA opposed the return of Russians to the sport. He stated that the past Loginova not forgotten, and he must pay for it.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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