The poker player 20 days spent in a dark closet and won tens of thousands of dollars


Rich Latifat: Rich Alati

Professional poker player rich Alati (Rich Alati) argued that to spend 30 days in complete isolation and darkness. This publication reports The Guardian.

The idea gave a friend a professional player Rory young (Rory Young). Alati him and it took an hour to negotiate the price. Yang promised Alati 100 thousand dollars if he will last a month. If Alati give up and decide to abort the experiment early, he will have to pay young the same amount.

Wrangler for 30 days locked in the bathroom with a bath, sink and toilet. Yang made sure that the inside was complete silence and darkness. In prison it was possible to take a mattress for yoga, expander, massage ball, lavender essential oil and a scrub of sugar and salt. Food was brought at different times to prevent scoring time.

The bathroom has a mounted camera with which the father Alati could watch. He had a right to stop the experiment if he notices something strange in the behavior of the son. In addition, Alati could at any time withdraw from the game on their own initiative.

On the fourth day of isolation at Alati started hallucinating. He saw the soaring white beads resembling bubbles. From time to time the player was overcome by negative thoughts. To escape, he did yoga and tried to fully focus on your posture.

At first, Yang was sure Alati lose. Ten days later he began to torment doubts. On the 15th day of the experiment he turned on the intercom and offered a deal: if Alati admit defeat and get out now, he will have to pay young only 25 thousand dollars, that is a quarter of the agreed amount. Alati refused.

Two days later, Yang turned back to Alati. He promised that he will pay him 25 thousand dollars if he will stop the test and leave. Alati pondered the offer within the hour and again refused.

Next time young Alati asked to name their own terms. The player demanded for the termination of the experiment 75 thousand dollars. Yang offered 40 thousand. In the end, a bargain at 62.4 thousands of dollars (approximately four million). Alati held in a dark bathroom with no contact with the outside world for 20 days.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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