The procedure new a driving test in Russia


Photo: Pavel Lisitsyn / RIA Novosti

On the Federal portal of projects of normative acts published a modified version of the new practical exam on driving in Russia.

According to the document, the usual separation test on “city” and “platform” will be no more.

In the list of mandatory elements, along with the start and stop motion, left and right turn, parallel Parking, passing through the uneven road junction, stop on the lift and turn, enabled the skill check for overtaking or timing.

The intersection of the railway crossing referred to optional exercises, which are dealt with such as possible and rebuild on a multilane road section.

Since last summer, when the exam project posted for discussion in the state traffic Inspectorate took into account more than a hundred proposals from schools, writes “Kommersant”.

Among other things, the document struck the right instructor driving schools to attend in the car during the test.

“Fears of the consequences that can occur when testing individual skills in the management of trucks in the traffic conditions”, — told the edition in a press-service of Ministry of transport.

The Ministry said that the traffic police did not take into account all comments. So, you have not defined the requirements specified in the resolution to closed sites or sites with low-intensity movement that can hit the driving schools that have their own automated autodrome, where students now have the opportunity to take a “platform”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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