The Russians rode a motorcycle and fell into a gorge in Bali


Photo: National Search And Rescue Agency Republic Of Indonesia

Two tourists from Russia fell into a gorge 10 meters depth in the region is Baked, the island of Bali. This publication reports The Jakarta Post.

30-summer Sergey neginsky and 28-year-old Alena Voronina together riding on a motorcycle, but suddenly lost control and fell into a ravine along with the vehicle.

Search and rescue Agency the Denpasar sent 12 employees to assist the Russians. According to them, the recovery process took about one hour.

The representative of the Agency IDA bagus Surya Wirawan added that both the tourist was taken to hospital.

Late attache of the Russian Embassy in Indonesia Denis Tatushin told RIA Novosti that now clarified the details of the incident.

In January, two Russian tourists were found dead in a rented apartment in Cambodia. Representatives of the Consulate said the cause of death myocardial infarction, however, their relatives suggested that the couple could commit suicide.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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