The son of an African President kept a slave in the United States


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The spouses of the city of SOUTHLAKE, in the U.S. state of Texas were convicted of using the girl as a slave for 16 years. Meanwhile, according to the Star-Telegram.

The Federal jury of eight women and four men also felt the guilt 57-year-old Mohamed Toure and his wife Denise KROS-Round in a conspiracy to hide the alien. The jury also decided that the property Tures should be removed because it was used to facilitate the Commission of a crime. Now the pair faces up to 20 years in prison. The lawyers intend to appeal.

As noted, Mohamed Toure — the son of Ahmed Sekou Toure, the first President located in the West African Republic of Guinea. A man together with his wife have resided continuously in the United States since 2005. House in SOUTHLAKE couple bought a 370-thousand dollars in 1991. This very Round never worked, his wife worked a year in the airline (from 2005 to 2006) and from 2016 — as a substitute school teacher. Despite this, they have had huge assets in the United States.

A complaint against the couple in 2016 was filed by the girl from Guinea. According to the court, as a child, she lived with her family in a hut with a thatched roof, without electricity. Her father was a farmer and her mother sold products to support a family. Sometimes she visited the school, where he studied the local dialect of Maninka and a little French.

According to the court, in January 2000, Toure conspired with several people, and as a result the girl knows no English, in five years alone, sent from his native village in SOUTHLAKE. She then 16 years served Round — cooked, cleaned, did yard work, washed clothes and cared for the five children of the spouses. For this she did not pay the money, the girl did not go home even after the expiry of the visa. To escape she was able with the help of former neighbors.

Defenders of the couple claim that the girl is actually calmly went home with a family of Round, freely left their home in the United States on the street, use social networks and regularly jog.

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