Advised doctors to wash the floors and the official angered the social network


Marina Hakunamatata: Administration of Vladimir region

Internet users criticized the acting Deputy head of the Vladimir region Marina Chekunova for her remarks in conversation with doctors at the hospital in Strunino. Angry comments appeared beneath the news about it in social networks.

“Another careless woman-bureaucrat” — write in the comments under the news “” on Twitter.

“Well, really — why would a surgeon during an appendectomy at the same time not to wash floors in a hospital, surgical nurse between the supply of tools to hang curtains and the obstetrician between genera not to fix the plumbing? Anyway — if the doctors do not like the condition of the hospital, why can’t they build their own, good?” writes another reader in the comments on the site.

“Near the hospital to be a children’s ice slide from the feces. So, to complete the picture of the Russian reality,” jokes a third.

“Acting, and has rude,” say the users of “Vkontakte”. “Would take, washed. Some no, and help,” they write. “The whole city to come out and demand her dismissal!!!” — advise on the social network.

Earlier it was reported that Chekunova visited the dilapidated and almost not running a hospital in Strunino and blamed doctors for the poor condition of the premises. “Problems we discuss, but look at yourself. Curtains to hang, floors to wash, Shoe covers where?” the official said.

At the hospital in Strunino local residents complained in the summer during the direct line with President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The head of state instructed to deal with the problem to do in a hospital overhaul and equip the necessary equipment. To report he ordered before 31 December, but while officials acknowledged that he had not complied with the instructions, transfer “Vesti”.

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