Alcohol proved to be useful for the elderly


Photo: Pablo Sanchez / Reuters

Moderate alcohol drinking appeared to be harmless for people older than 65 years who have recently been diagnosed with heart failure. On the contrary is, on average, increased their life expectancy by a year, compared with convinced abstainers. The study was conducted by scientists from Washington University in Missouri (USA), published on the website of the institution.

Experts examined data from another study, conducted from 1989 to 1993. Participated in 5888 adults. From 393 patients at this time developed heart failure, the average age was 79 years. The subjects were divided into four categories: never consumed alcohol, drank and left, drank seven or fewer drinks per week and drank eight or more. The portions are determined so: 0,35 liter for beer, for wine of 0.18 and 0.04 for liquor.

It turned out that people in the third category lived an average of a year longer than people from the first two. Patients in the latter group were few, therefore data were insufficient to draw conclusions.

That doesn’t mean the scientists that pensioners who have discovered heart failure, you need to start to drink alcohol, if they had not been drinking. But those who allow themselves a glass of wine or beer before bedtime, is more useful to continue this practice, it at least won’t hurt. However, it is useful to consult a doctor, the researchers note.

Experts have not yet identified a definite connection between alcohol consumption and life expectancy. According to them, is the impact of another factor or group of factors common among moderate drinkers.

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