Drones banned to fly over the house Poroshenko


Photo: Mikhail palinchak / RIA Novosti

State aviation service of Ukraine has imposed restrictions on flying unmanned aerial vehicles over certain areas of the country, among which includes the area where the house is located Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. On Saturday, January 12, writes “Ukrainian Truth”.

As stated in the service, the use of drones in the state is not resolved. “The current regulatory framework makes it difficult to operate BPS [unmanned aircraft] commercial, sporting purpose or as a hobby”, — stated in the message.

Map is marked “forbidden” zones for the flights was published on the website of the organization. The number of such districts fell and the village Kozin, Kiev region, where, according to the newspaper, is the house of the President.

The representative of the Ukrainian Federation of owners of drones Troyak Taras told that the service is presented and some recommendations for the management of drones. In particular, their owners are advised not to interfere in someone’s private life, do not attempt someone to take a picture without his knowledge, and also to stop the flight at the request of law enforcement or military personnel.

In March last year it was reported that a policeman guarding the estate of the President of Ukraine, committed suicide. Senior Sergeant of the regiment of special purpose of national police Sergey Galasyuk committed suicide on the doorstep of the Ukrainian leader.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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