Missing eight years ago the Russians found begging on the streets of Ecuador


Photo: Dave Collins / AP

Russian Maxim Bakharev who disappeared eight years ago, was found on the streets of the Ecuadorian capital Quito. With the help of local nursing service and the Russian Consulate he was able to return home, reports on Saturday, January 12, RIA Novosti.

It is noted that the 35-year-old man arrived in the country about eight years ago. He suffered from a mental disorder, soon ran out of money and out on the street, and then he noticed the social workers. They found the origin of the homeless man and turned to the Consulate.

The ticket to St. Petersburg for bahareva paid for by his parents. They were waiting for him at the airport. Saying goodbye to the Ecuadorians, he said to them in Spanish: “goodbye. Thank you very much”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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