Russia and the CIS ahead of Europe in terms of mortality from malnutrition


Photo: Daily Mail

Scientists from the University Friedrich Schiller in Jena, Germany, has made a rating of European countries in terms of mortality from diseases caused by malnutrition. The study is based on data from 1990 to 2016, reports the Daily Mail.

The highest mortality due to harmful dietary habits recorded in the CIS. Republic, formerly part of the USSR, took the first eleven places in the rankings. The largest number of deaths was in Uzbekistan. In this country the victims of bad food began 394 persons per 100 thousand population.

On the second and third place are Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan. They are followed by Ukraine, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. Russia closes the top ten with an index of 291 deaths per 100 thousand people.

The most nutrition is held by residents of Spain, Israel and France. In these countries from unhealthy food habits have died from 43 to 46 per 100 thousand.

Scientists estimate that in 2016, the wrong food was the cause of about half of the deaths in Europe. More than two million residents of the region were victims of diseases caused by high salt content in the diet and low consumption of vegetables, nuts and whole grain products.

The researchers also found that men to be at greater risk of developing cardiovascular diseases from unhealthy eating habits. Women are at risk after 50 years, whereas for men the diet has a negative impact and at an earlier age.

Earlier study by the world health organization have shown that insufficient fiber intake increases the risk of early death. Scientists have found that a diet with a high content of this trace element allows a third to reduce the likelihood of premature death. Also fiber intake may reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, type II diabetes and bowel cancer by a quarter.

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