Japan create planes and electronic warfare to counter Russia


Photo: Vadim Ghirda / AP

The government of Japan has decided on the development of strike aircraft and electronic warfare that can incapacitate radars and communication systems of the enemy. On Sunday, January 13, according to the newspaper Yomiuri, citing officials.

As noted, the main purpose of such aircraft is the ability to counter the armed forces of Russia and China if necessary.

Japan already has the electronic counter, but they are defensive in nature and are designed to disable the guidance system launched ballistic missiles. Currently we are talking about the development of offensive strike aircraft.

According to the publication, it is assumed that the first such machine, the armed forces of Japan will receive in 2027.

At the end of December last year, Japan submitted a record-high defence budget by fiscal year 2019. The cost of security will grow by almost two percent to $ 47 billion of a total budget of 912 billion.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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