On the border of Mexico and the United States have discovered a tunnel


Photo: Mohammed Salem / Reuters

On the border of Mexico and the American state of Arizona have discovered a ten-meter tunnel. This publication reports The Hill.

Mexican authorities believe the tunnel was used to transport drugs and people between countries. As the newspaper notes, this is the third loophole, which was discovered last month. It is noted that this comes against the backdrop of the resumption of the talks on the construction of a fence on the border of USA and Mexico.

In August 2018, the tunnel used by drug dealers found in the city of San Luis (Arizona) is also on the border with Mexico. The hole leading into the tunnel was done in the concrete floor in the kitchen of an abandoned KFC restaurant.

In January, the President of the United States Donald trump posted a photo of a wall on the border with Mexico. Prior to that, he announced that the wall on the border with Mexico will be built of steel instead of concrete as originally planned. According to him, the Democrats don’t want to see a concrete wall, so plan to install artistically designed structure, through which it will be seen what is happening on the other side.

Because of disagreements in Congress over the allocation of funds for the construction of the wall, the government suspended the shutdown began on 22 December.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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