The US has threatened German companies with sanctions due to the “Nord stream-2”


Photo: Thomas Eugster / RIA Novosti

The U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenel admitted the possibility of introducing sanctions against German companies because of the support of the “Nord stream-2”. On it informs edition of Bild.

Relevant letters to companies Grenelle reminded that the United States opposed the “Nord stream-2”, as the project “poses a serious geopolitical implications for the European allies and partners” of Americans. He also noted that many European countries and Canada, support the position of the United States. Of the country concerned “nerastas aggressive behavior of Russia”, particularly the use of “energy resources as political and economic levers.”

“Because of this on behalf of my government, I beg that your company has considered the risk that this project poses to European energy security, as well as reputational costs and the risk of sanctions associated with it,” the letter reads.

Grenelle added that the message should be perceived not as a threat but as “an expression of US policy”.

Earlier in January it became known that the U.S. may impose sanctions against European companies involved in the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”. The main proponent of imposing new sanctions called the Grenelle. It was noted that the government of Germany refers to the threats of Washington “with great concern”.

According to the plans, “Nord stream-2” should be put into operation in late 2019.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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