A crocodile dragged the woman-a biologist in the cage and ate her alive


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In Indonesia, a female biologist alive eaten by an alligator during feeding. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

The tragic incident occurred in one of the laboratories of the city of Tomohon the province of North Sulawesi on Friday morning, January 11. 44-year-old, Tuvo Deasy (Deasy Tuwo) was throwing meat into the enclosure of a crocodile named Mary (Merry) and got too close to the fence. According to the police, a five-meter reptile stood on its hind legs, jumped up on two feet and dragged the victim in his cage.

When colleagues, Tova came to the lab, they drew attention to the “strange object” in the cage. On the shore of the pond was a crocodile, holding in the jaws mutilated body of a woman. They immediately called the rescue and they managed to take away the corpse of the reptile. After this crocodile was caught and taken to a veterinary clinic. The doctors will have to examine the contents of his stomach.

According to laboratory staff, before merry was attacking other crocodiles, but has never shown aggression to people. It was regularly fed with fresh meat, chicken and tuna. Scientists have suggested that he did not eat the whole women because I was not very hungry.

Tuva, was the leading scientist of the laboratory. Colleagues described her as “a quiet person who loved animals.”

Police have not yet managed to contact the owner of the laboratory animal, a certain Japanese businessman. Office know the name and location. Also no data on the presence of relevant documents on the contents of a crocodile. If such permission was not, the owner will be arrested.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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