A man complained on a lazy pregnant wife and was cursed


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A Reddit user under the nickname LonelyThought9 complained that his pregnant wife “lazy” and lost interest. Visitors imageboard ganged up on him and christened greedy selfish.

According to the man, his wife changed, as soon as he learned about the pregnancy, and decided to focus on child care.

LonelyThought9 was furious with this idea. He explained that the wife and so does almost nothing: he said, she works only six hours a day, as it combines his medical practice with study. He also noticed that his wife has ceased to perform household chores because of feeling ill.

The couple had a huge fight. The man claims he makes $ 550 thousand a year (almost 37 million), and it is frustrating that a wife can not on an equal footing to support the family. “I screamed at her that pregnancy does not make a disabled person”, — he said.

Regulars Reddit is not supported LonelyThought9. They shamed him for his greed and selfishness. “Asshole can turn any situation into a catastrophe. Unfortunately, she’s already pregnant,” sympathized with the family of commentators.

Most advised the man to hire a housekeeper, since such income is absurd to quarrel with the wife for washing and cleaning. “She works 30 hours a week pregnant and filled with hormones and probably a little depressed,” explained to him the subscribers.

In December it was reported that the British found Christmas gifts from her boyfriend and was very upset with their monotony. She spoke about her disappointment in the network, but has not won support.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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