Authorities explained the premium is 300 percent of the salary of the Khakass clerk


Julia Ismagilovna: Nikolay Zhuravlev / RIA Novosti

In a press-service of the head of Khakassia confirmed award in the amount of 300 percent of monthly salary to the Vice-Governor Julia Ismagilova, the basis of encouraging were the results of the work of the official. Reports radio station “Moscow speaking” on Monday, January 14.

“During the work of Julia V. was organized and conducted inventory of fixed assets and commodity-material assets, permanent mission in Moscow. In addition, being tested permanent mission in Saint Petersburg, which is subject to liquidation. The result of work done V. Ismagilova was the act of more than 50 sheets”, — stated in the message.

The press service added that on the basis of the work of the Vice Governor revealed more than 130 violations committed by the previous leadership of the Republic in the spending of budget funds. In particular, the new government has missed two cars Skoda Octavia amounting to more than 1.4 million rubles.

Ismagilov was appointed in November last year, with a monthly salary of 24 747 rubles.

On 23 November the head of Khakassia Valentin Konovalov (CPRF) has proposed to reduce bureaucracy in order to save money.

In September it was reported that in the next two years, the government will sharply increase the budget allocation for “material motivation” of government officials.

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