Created rocket with infinite fuel


Image: NASA

Scientists at the University of Central Florida and the specialists of the company Honeybee Robotics has developed a prototype of a spaceship World Is Not Enough (WINE), which is able to extract water from asteroids and comets and use it as fuel for rocket steam engine. Theoretically, such a device is able to generate infinite fuel, flying from asteroid to asteroid, and prolong its working period. About it reported in a press release

The researchers conducted tests of a prototype 31 December 2018. Scientists have created the soil, similar to what is on the surface of small space objects. WINE successfully got the water, turned it into rocket fuel and produce steam of sufficient strength to push off from the surface. According to experts, the technology is applicable to study such celestial bodies as the Moon, Ceres, Europa (satellite of Jupiter), Titan (Saturn’s moon) and Pluto.

Space ship the size of a microwave can use energy produced with deployable solar panels, for converting water to steam. However, it also provides for the application of small nuclear reactor that expands the scope of the apparatus to the remote regions of the Solar system.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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