Disclosed conditions plaguing Chinese political prisoners in a luxury prison


Photo: Aly Song / Reuters

Disclosed the conditions of stay of prisoners in the elite Chinese prison for senior officials of the Jin Cheng Inn in Beijing. About them South China Morning Post said sources in the correction centre.

As said by interlocutors of the newspaper, once one of the most powerful political figures of China, former Minister of public security Zhou Yongkang in prison grows fruits and vegetables. It is noted that he is serving a sentence in a compartment located in a separate building, where he has a small vegetable garden. Sometimes visitors will even take treats from grown Zhou, for example, a pumpkin or a fruit.

The defendants in one of the biggest corruption scandals in the country in recent years, the former head of Committee of the Communist party of China in Chongqing, Bo Xilai and his accomplice, former police chief of the city Wang Lijun, are engaged in the conclusion of his hobby is calligraphy. Bo, in addition, wearing suits and leather shoes, and not an orange jumpsuit and plastic Slippers. Before that the privilege was available to other senior criminals. Wang also reads a lot and is studying English, said the sources.

In 2014, Zhou Yongkang was arrested and charged with serious violation of party discipline, of taking bribes on a large scale, revealing state and party secrets, as well as in adultery. The man in the Jin Cheng Inn is serving a life sentence.

The former head of the party Committee Bo Xilai is serving a life sentence for corruption and abuse of power in 2013. Wang Lijun bribery was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Prison, Jin Cheng Inn located in the North of Beijing, it is also called the “tiger cage”. It differs from a conventional prison to the fact that it contains high-level criminals, and she knows not the Ministry of justice and the Ministry of public security of the PRC.

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