In Germany started talking about withdrawal from the EU


Photo: Michaela Rehle / Reuters

German far-right party “Alternative for Germany” (ADH) is going to demand Germany’s withdrawal from the European Union under certain conditions. About it reports The Local.

At the Congress, held in Saxony, members of the party decided to start in the European Parliament to campaign for the release of Germany from the EU in the case that the proposed reform of the EU will not be implemented by 2024. This is the first case when the subject touches upon any political movement in Germany.

In the Manifesto adopted by the ADG, it is also proposed to dissolve the European Parliament, where its members will compete in the elections in may 2019. “We believe that only nation States have the right to make laws”, — stated in the document, condemning the “751 privileged member of the” supranational Assembly.

The exact date of the possible “Dekita” — the word appeared by analogy with Brexit from the merger of the German name of Germany (Deutschland) and the English word “exit” (exit) — members of the “Alternatives” are not named.

The leader of the party Alexander Gauland, speaking before the participants of the Congress stated that the purpose of the party is “not to destroy the EU, and return it to the common core.” At the moment, according to him, the political influence of the bloc has been greatly outgrown its economic rationale.

“Alternative for Germany” was created as a nationalist euroskeptic party, but has gained the most popularity after it spoke out against the Islamization of Europe and mass immigration.

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