In the United States wanted to interrogate the interpreters of the trump


Donald Truephoto: Zach Gibson-Pool / Getty Images

Members of the U.S. house of representatives will discuss with the lawyers the opportunity to call for questioning the interpreters of the US President Donald trump, worked in his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Hamburg. Reported by ABC News.

Before that on 13 January it became known that tramp has hidden from his administration the details of the negotiations with Putin, he gave his interpreter a Directive to keep secret the contents of the meeting and took his working papers.

In this regard, the Committee of the house of representatives is going to hold special hearings to meetings of the two presidents and to “learn the truth” about their conversations.

Earlier it was reported that the Federal Bureau of investigation began checking against Donald trump. It will become clear how the President’s decision threatened national security, and if he worked in the interests of Russia deliberately, or simply came under its influence.

Russia has repeatedly accused of meddling in the US presidential election with the help of hackers. In June 2018, the US special services have put forward in absentia prosecution of 12 Russian scouts. According to them, Russian intelligence used by two hacker groups to hack servers the Democratic party.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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