In “Yandex” has recorded a rise in housing prices


Photo: Mikhail Mordasov / TASS

By 2018, housing prices rose in 36 regions of the European part of Russia and only 14 dropped. This is stated in the materials of the service “Yandex.Estate”, arrived in edition “”.

According to analysts, most notably by more than 10 percent over the past year has risen square meters in Kaluga, Saratov and Nizhny Novgorod regions and in the Stavropol Krai and the Republic of Mordovia. In Moscow, average property price increased by 12 percent, from 161 thousand to 182 thousand rubles for “square”.

More than just a square meter fell in the regions near Moscow in Tula (-16%), Smolensk (-11 percent), Moscow (-6,5%), Tver (-6%) and Vladimir (4,5%) regions. Also cheaper apartments in the Crimea, and here in Sevastopol, on the contrary, has risen.

In Saint-Petersburg meter for 2018 added to the price of nine percent, by the end of the year, the cost amounted to 108 thousand rubles.

To illustrate how much you can buy an apartment in the Russian regions, experts of the service “Yandex.The property is” multiply the cost per square meter on the average square footage one-bedroom apartments in Russia — 37 meters. It turned out that the apartment in Moscow, an average of 6.7 million rubles in St. Petersburg — four million, in Sevastopol — three.

For affordable apartments is to go in Bryansk (1.29 million rubles for “odnushku” on the average) and Smolensk (1.36 million) of the region, and Mari El Republic (1.36 million).

At the end of 2018, the growth in housing prices in the new year predicted more than half of Russians who took part in the relevant thematic survey. The fall in the value of apartments in 2019 expect only 14 percent of the population of the country and to price stability believe 34 percent.

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