Kokorin complained about the lack of a swimming pool in prison


Photo: Grigory Sysoev / RIA Novosti

Footballer Alexander Kokorin, who was arrested for beating up several people in the capital’s cafes, complained of the aggravation of the injury and the inability to keep in shape in the conditions in the detention center “Butyrka”. This became known after a visit to the players by members of the Public monitoring Commission of Moscow, reports “Izvestia”.

According to the athlete, he suffers from pain in the knee after injury because of a lack of physical activity, but he has no plans to go to the doctors. “However, what can the doctor do in jail? To touch the knee? Me after surgery was recommended special exercises, loads, and who I in jail pool provide?” — asked the player.

At the moment the player has the opportunity to go to the gym and play table tennis, but this load it is not enough to maintain fitness. He appreciated his training as “terrible”. However, Kokorin had hoped that if the term of arrest, which expires on February 8, will not be renewed, he will be able to give physical form to normal in three weeks.

It is noted that the player has injured the cruciate ligament in March 2018 during the return match of 1/8 final of League of Europe between “Zenith” and “Leipzig”. He underwent surgery in Rome, and passed a rehabilitation course, but recovery may take more than a year.

Kokorin and Mamaev were defendants in three criminal cases under articles “Hooliganism” and “infliction of Willful light damage to health committed from hooligan promptings”. In October they took part in two fights in the center of Moscow. First, they beat the driver leading the First channel of Vitaly Solovchuk, and then in the cafe attacked the officer Denis Pack and the top Manager Sergey Gaisin.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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