One person survived the crash “Boeing” in Iran


Photo: Tasnim News Agency / Reuters

One person survived the crash of a military cargo plane “the Boeing-707” in the suburbs of the Iranian capital of Tehran. This was reported by representatives of the army, reports Reuters.

Only the plane was carrying 16 crew members, all of them Iranians. As noted, 15 of them were killed, managed to survive the ship’s engineer. He was taken to the hospital.

It is also reported that at the scene found a black box, writes the negotiations in the cockpit.

“Boeing 707”, belonging to the Iranian army, carrying cargo from Bishkek to Rasht in the suburbs of Tehran. He was about to land at the airport Payam, but has to sit at the airport Fatah by the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC). Eventually the plane was rolled out for the end of the runway, crashed into the wall next to the apartment building and caught fire.

The causes of the incident are still unknown. Previously it was reported that the disaster could lead to the pilot’s actions.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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