Prigogine answered the charges of involvement in the killing of journalists in the Central African Republic


Eugene Prigogine: Mikhail Metzel / TASS

Businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, who is associated with the private military company “Wagner”, replied the journalist, the Deputy from the Communist party Maxim Shevchenko. He said in Facebook that the official version of murder of Russian crew in the Central African Republic (CAR) — robbery — is not credible, and considers the incident “a brutal and planned murder” in the interests of Prigogine. The position of the entrepreneur leads RIA FAN.

Prigogine stated that the post Shevchenko “had not read and will not read” (with the contents of this publication it was presented by journalists of the FAN approx. “Of the”), however, commented on some of the characteristics of Shevchenko in his address. “I want to note that the expression “spun huckster” is Shevchenko, because of the words of the journalist, his statements are not like” — says Prigogine.

In response to the reproach Shevchenko that the businessman “has gone from the meeting,” when he wanted to discuss with him the death of journalists, Prigogine explained that “not obligated to meet anyone who will ask about it”.

“As for the language, which tries to explain Shevchenko, it is unlikely he will be able to learn how thieves jargon from his master — felon [Mikhail] Khodorkovsky, because if Khodorkovsky tries to speak the jargon that will look like a cock raspaltsovannyh” — said Prigogine.

Earlier, the “Dossier” published the investigation of the death of the crew in the CAR, disproving the official version, expressed the Ministry of foreign Affairs. According to researchers, survivors, the driver Bienvenu was formerly a policeman, he allegedly coordinated the acting policeman Emmanuel Kuopio follow the movement of journalists in the Central African Republic.

“File” also found intermediaries between Prigogine and Kuopio. The gendarme checked the action with the citizen of Russia Alexander Cell, whose “Dossier” refers to a trusted employee Valeria Zakharova, “adviser to the President of the Central African Republic security.” Zakharov, in turn, allegedly closely associated with the business Prigogine. In the summer of 2018 Combs about a hundred times and talked on the phone with Zakharov, and with Cotopia.

According to the official, the journalists were killed in an attack by gunmen who wanted to Rob them. The Investigative Committee (IC) of Russia believe that, by initiating investigations and their publication in mass media, Internet-project “the control Center investigations” (belonged to Mikhail Khodorkovsky and was eliminated after the death of the journalists — approx. “Of the”), has sent journalists in the Central African Republic, “clearly aims to justify their own failures in preparing the dangerous trip.” In an official statement, SK said that investigators “accused is innocent”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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