The President of Poland told about the condition of the wounded a knife of the mayor of gdańsk


Photo: Anna Rezulak / AP Photo

The President of Poland Andrzej Duda shared the news about the mayor of Gdansk Pavel Adamovich, wounded with a knife during a charity concert. In his Twitter he wrote that the doctors were able to stabilize the patient.

Duda explained that doctors had restored the heart Adamovich, has received several blows in the chest. “There is hope, but the condition is very serious. Please support th kind thought or prayer. That’s all we can do,” he wrote.

In turn, the RIA Novosti news Agency revealed that the mayor is still on the operating table.

January 13, the perp hit Adamovich in the region of the heart. During the attack, the Man shouted that he served a prison term on false charges. Later it turned out that it was them 27-the summer local resident, previously brought to justice for crimes against life and health.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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