Russian hospital with beds of boards and chairs check


Photo: telegram channel “Mash”

The Prosecutor’s office of Kuznetsk, Penza region check one of the local hospitals, which were seen beds for patients from wooden boards and chairs. On Tuesday, January 15, RIA Novosti reported the senior assistant Prosecutor of the region Svetlana Artamonova.

“The Prosecutor’s office in Kuznetsk checks in compliance with health laws on this fact,” she explained.

In the medical institution confirmed that the published photos were really made in the therapeutic Department. As told the chief doctor Alexey Potapov, the need for additional beds has arisen due to an influx of patients after the Christmas holidays. According to him, some days he was urgently hospitalized more than 60 people.

“When patients in non — business hours in holidays and night — a surplus, it is necessary to deploy additional “side” of the bed. The property will get a few hospital beds in reserve in case of a SAG, and will reserve,” he said, adding that beds with pictures made of special wooden boards, which are used for patients with back pain.

Earlier inhabitants of Kuznetsk shared in the community in “Vkontakte” frames, a conventional hospital bed is a bed made from a few planks and two chairs. “It looks like a bed in a city hospital,” — said in the caption to publish.

In February of last year, the doctors of the hospital №1 Novorossiysk was reprimanded for half-naked patient, lying helplessly on the tile floor and radioed for help. According to locals, the patient is partially paralyzed, so slipping out of bed, and forced to live in the hospital, because home for him, no one cares.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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